February 17, 2013

Zentangle Birthday Bliss

I got an email a while back from a mom/teacher/artist who thought it would be cool to have her 11 year old twins participate in a beginners class with a couple of friends and some family members.

We had a fabulous time yesterday learning and sharing, and then I got to stay for some delicious cake!  Have to hand it to Kat.... two birthday cakes every year!

Anyway, below are photos of eight beaming faces and then a close-up of their mosaic.  Left to right, the incredible artist mom, Kat... her uber-artistic friend, Kellee... her awesome husband, Daniel... her gracious mom-in-law Arlene... creative birthday boy, Nic... his friend (and encyclopedia of sea creatures) William ... artist-in-training, Mackenzie... and birthday girl, Sofia who follows in her mom's footsteps.  Thanks to you all for a wonderful afternoon!

February 1, 2013

Another Apprentice Class

I had a lovely experience today teaching 14 people in the organization of On Our Own of Howard County, Inc., in Columbia, MD. Below is a mosaic of their tiles.  I would like to thank all who participated: Debbie (the coordinator), Kathryn, Mary Ann, June, Michelle, Wendy, Nugene, Debby, Leola, Kim, John, Jessica, Linda and Michelle.  (Please forgive me everyone if I have spelled your name incorrectly.)  Perhaps we will do it again another time and learn some new tangles!

January 21, 2013


It's interesting how my life changes direction now and then... and lately it seems to happen more often.  And one change is my intention to keep this blog more current.

This past Saturday I had a class for five lively, creative women, and unfortunately neglected to have them combine their wonderful Zentangle tiles for a group photograph.  I'd like to thank Libby for helping me schedule this event, Ivy for hosting at her home in Westminster, and Pat, Laura and Christine for adding their wonderful energies to the mix.  As always, I learn things from my students, and this class was no exception.

Thank you, wonderful women, for helping get me back on the track of expressing my creativity more fully.  You have been an added inspiration!