September 26, 2010


It is a joy to share Zentangle with anyone and everyone, and to see a person's delight when they hold up their finished tile to appreciate.  I ask them, "when you came to class today, did you have any idea you would be able to complete a tile like the one you are holding, one stroke at a time, and have it look so awesome?"  They smile and say, "how cool!"

The classes I have had in the past few weeks are helping me remember our diversity of talent, and to acknowledge everyone's effort no matter what the outcome.  Comparison is nipped in the bud, with a reminder how boring it would be if each of our tiles looked the same, and that with practice, technique will improve and wonders will ensue.

I am grateful to my 'students' for giving me the opportunity to expand, continue learning, and have lots of fun with them.
Here are some of their efforts.  Next time I will include their smiling faces.