November 7, 2010

Another fund raising day

The venue at yesterday's fund-raising event afforded good visibility, so many people visited my table.  There were women of all ages, some moms and their teenage daughters, and even an artist who does watercolors.  Some men were interested as well, but none would sit and try their hand.  A delightful older gentleman named Richard said he had tried being creative with his hands and found he did much better with his camera.  We had a chat about photography and his travels and how he saw some palm trees in an area of southwest Ireland due to the weather it gets!

One young woman, named Alex, enjoyed learning one tangle so much, that I invited her to come back and I would show her more to finish her tile.  She is a natural artist (and writer as well, her mom told me), so I got permission to use her photo here.  She is delightful.
I have two more classes scheduled and will encourage those who signed up on my mailing list to come and have more fun.  :-)