December 27, 2010

Peace and well being

Was reading a blog from a friend, and she talked about the origins of putting on a 'live' Nativity, which her research found started in Assisi, Italy about 1223.  She also stated that in that city, many Italians have a lovely decorated tile above their doors with the words PACE E BENE on them, which means peace and goodness, or peace and well being.
I decided to try my own tile and then gave it as a gift to my aunt.

This box is one I've had hanging around for a few years, so tangled it and sent it as a gift to my daughter in AZ.


  1. I love the "Pace e Bene" and the idea of recycling an existing object into a thing of beauty for your daughter is inspired!

  2. Did you use pen directly on the wood? Paint first?

  3. Finally got around to seeing your comment Young At Heart.... I did use the pen directly on the wood, then used a wood oil to make it darker. No paint used.