February 17, 2013

Zentangle Birthday Bliss

I got an email a while back from a mom/teacher/artist who thought it would be cool to have her 11 year old twins participate in a beginners class with a couple of friends and some family members.

We had a fabulous time yesterday learning and sharing, and then I got to stay for some delicious cake!  Have to hand it to Kat.... two birthday cakes every year!

Anyway, below are photos of eight beaming faces and then a close-up of their mosaic.  Left to right, the incredible artist mom, Kat... her uber-artistic friend, Kellee... her awesome husband, Daniel... her gracious mom-in-law Arlene... creative birthday boy, Nic... his friend (and encyclopedia of sea creatures) William ... artist-in-training, Mackenzie... and birthday girl, Sofia who follows in her mom's footsteps.  Thanks to you all for a wonderful afternoon!

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