July 11, 2010

On being creative

On the blog site of my friend, Deb, she discusses viewing herself in a new role of artist, and how this day of a new moon/solar eclipse “is a time to explore new possibilities regarding one’s identity in the world at large.” (Thank you, Deb.)

Such perfect timing, since I, like her, knowing I have always been creative, have not looked at myself as an artist.  I’ve always thought that being creative is something we all do in some small way …. that we all have a talent and what we do well comes from our creative center.  So a chef is a culinary artist, and a knitter (my daughter Sara) is a yarn artist, and a singer (my cousin Alison) is a voice artist and so on.

But to be considered in the same category, since I see my creativity as a dabbler in many things and a master of none…. well, it has seemed too much of a stretch.

So on this new moon day, I wrote out my intention for the month and put it on the lap of the Buddha on my altar…. holding the desire to allow and to embrace that which wills to come forth.  A short time later, the Universe sent me this message as I was cleaning out some papers and I found the following quote:

“When the soul wants to have an experience of something, she throws an image of that experience ahead of her and enters into it.”  -Meister Eckhart

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  1. Hi Mj - glad to have had an impact on your life today. I love the quote, am thinking of stealing it for my blog next week :) Deb