July 14, 2010

A tangled piggy

While perusing the bargain shelves at Borders, I came across a "Paint a Piggy Bank" kit... a blank non-glossy surface ready to be decorated with the enclosed 6 paints.  What I saw was a surface ripe for tangling.

Knowing my recovering perfectionist tendencies, I thought it best to buy a few, in case I made a total mess of one (forgetting that mistakes are really opportunities to be more creative).  I realized these smile-makers could be a fun ad for the process and could be given away as a door prize at one of my networking meetings, or even sold.

A few weeks ago I finished about 1/3 of the first one and put it aside, then the other night with 'one stroke at a time' completed the rest. My brain immediately wonders how on earth I will be able to come up with two more completely different-looking banks... and after taking a deep breath, realize all I need to remember is to make deliberate strokes and let the patterns find me.  

Now this little guy is ready for something wonderful to fill him....dreams and intentions perhaps?  :)


  1. Hey, thanks for the smiles. I love to hear you write these days. You have a great presence with words. I thought I would fall from my chair laughing when you shared about your run in with the inner critic and the muse of imperfection. Isn't it fun to see how fortunate you were to have the muse of imprefection with you that day, now you can see the impulse to buy several piggys was a seeding for future opportunities to make valuable mis-takes to be used as true income from your zentangle inspired art.

  2. He is so cute!! Good job completing this endeavor. I know completion can be hard. :)